Fergus is packed with great features to help you stay on top of your business. Watch our quick overview or dive into the features below.

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Project Management

Handy tools to optimise your workflow.

  • Status Board

    Our unique centralised Status Board gives you a quick, clear overview of how your business is running and what needs your attention most each day.

  • Job Card

    Detailed job cards track all the progress and responsibilities on a job in an informative, logical layout.

  • Scheduling System

    Assign staff to specific jobs to draw their attention to work that needs doing. Our scheduling system ensures there are never any overlaps.

  • Calendar

    Our integrated calendar means you always know what the schedule looks like. Find a gap and drag in the job to schedule it instantly.

  • Site Visits

    Site visits organise information on job cards into packages of work. See overviews and financial reporting separately on different stages of work.

  • Variations

    Add variations easily to jobs. Variations stay linked to their parent job to make financial tracking easier.

  • Notes And History

    Add notes to jobs to alert staff to important information. The job and customer history is an easy way to look over all past communications.

  • Timesheets

    Log both charged and uncharged time to a job in Fergus, or use the timer on our handy mobile app while on the worksite.

  • Purchase Orders

    Build purchase orders quickly and easily using our pricing editor. Create and manage all your purchase orders from one place.


Keep information flowing where it should.

  • Mobile App

    Our mobile app is fast, easy to use, and packed with handy tools. Job data instantly syncs with the office — you’ll know you’ve always got the latest info.

  • Team Notice Board

    Easily message just one tradesperson or your whole team. Great for drawing attention to job details or for organising the after work drinks.

  • Notifications

    Receive push notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever important events happen in Fergus involving staff or customers.

  • Flexible Contacts

    Add multiple phone numbers, site addresses and site contacts to customer cards, to easily track all your customer information.

  • Email System

    Send emails quickly and easily from within Fergus. Customise your email templates to make sending a breeze.

  • SMS

    Send texts to customers and staff quickly and easily from within Fergus. Customise your SMS templates to suit your business.

  • Notes System

    Add customer and job notes to notify staff of important information easily and discreetly.

  • Queries

    When a problem arises, quickly add a query on a job to flag it as needing further attention. Queries are easily visible on the status board.

  • Permissions

    Adjust permissions for your employees to define which capabilities they have. Finely tune who has more control and who is limited to basic functions.

  • GPS Tracking

    Track employees out on jobs easily using our integrated map. Quickly find out who is best placed to help before you’ve even put down the phone.

  • Files and Photos

    Easily add files and photos on to jobs even when out on site. Store and share progress photos and quickly send terms of trade, all within the Job Card.

Financial Management

Stay on top of the numbers.

  • Pricing Document Builder

    Build quotes and estimates using our powerful pricing editor. Add in grouped items as favourites to quickly quote on common jobs.

  • Back Costing

    Accurately back-cost before invoicing to make sure you hit your margins every time. Easily add labour, stock–on–hand, invoices and credits.

  • Invoice Builder

    Make invoices quickly using our powerful pricing editor. Pull in back–costed site visits to instantly fill in your invoices, or build them from scratch.

  • CSV Invoice Importing

    Import CSV files of invoices and credits to instantly load supplier documents against the correct jobs.

  • Terms Of Trade

    Upload your standard Terms of Trade and easily attach them to customer correspondence. Get notifications when customers accept your terms.

  • Custom Payment Terms

    Set standard payment terms across Fergus, yet easily edit them on a customer–by–customer or job–by–job basis

  • Job Financial Info

    Check how you’re tracking on a job–by–job basis and get early warning of jobs creeping over budget and needing extra attention.

  • Reporting

    Access clear, informative overviews of your financial data using our collection of intelligent reports.

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