Frequently Asked Questions

Honest answers to the top questions people ask about Fergus.

  • Most computers work fine with Fergus — if you can access the internet, you’ll be fine. Fergus is a Web App, which means that you won’t need to download a program onto your computer. It exists in the Cloud, secure on our servers and up–to–date so you can use it anywhere and from any system.

    For the full Fergus Web App on a desktop computer or laptop, all you’ll need is internet access and an up–to–date version of the Google Chrome or Safari browser. We build and test exclusively for Chrome to ensure that you get the best experience with Fergus. The Google Chrome browser is free and you can download it at
  • Your free single–user Fergus account is not limited in any way. We believe that what goes around comes around. If you’re happy with Fergus, so are we. Because Fergus helps you run like a well oiled machine, the system has helped companies grow and keep an excellent handle on things. Your Fergus account remains free until you add another user.
  • Fergus works with Xero and MYOB AccountRight.
  • Because Fergus is hosted in the cloud, you can be logged into your account across multiple devices simultaneously.
  • If you're shopping by price, Fergus is not the cheapest. But if it matches your workflow - once you know how it works and the difference it will make - the value will far surpass the cost.
  • You can set your desired tax rate in your Settings page. Fergus will automatically calculate the required GST for your quotes and invoices, and supplier price books.
  • Fergus has what’s called Variations. If your customer wants to do something else, your Tradespeople can log a variation so everything gets recorded and nothing gets lost.
  • Every job that you’ve ever done will be saved and archived within Fergus. If, down the track, you need to find an old job, Fergus has a handy search bar to easily search for old jobs.
  • Certainly. As long as the GPS is switched on and the app has mobile connectivity, Fergus is able to keep track of where your employees are at all times on a map.
  • Employees log time against every job they work on. Fergus will keep track of all recorded time so you can see charged and uncharged hours. You are also able to see all their uncharged time as well such as travel costs or unpaid lunch breaks.

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Cloud-based job management software specifically built for tradies.