Why should I use Fergus Pay?

Collects payments in minutes
Make it easier than ever for your customers to pay. Quicker and more convenient than internet banking, customers can pay without clicking away.
Stay on top of your invoices
Easily see when customers have viewed your invoice and see when they have paid. Invoices are automatically reconciled in Fergus on payment.
Get cash-in-hand within hours
Our one-touch payment solution helps make sure you get paid on the day you invoice. Payments load into your account overnight so you can always keep your cash flow moving.

How does Fergus Pay Work?

Create an invoice
1. Create an invoice
Fergus Pay is a secure credit card payment portal that will sit within your customer invoices.
Email to your customer in Fergus
2. Email to your customer in Fergus
When they click through to view their invoice online, the credit card payment portal will appear alongside their bill.
Customer adds credit card details
3. Customer adds credit card details
Without clicking away, your customer can load their credit card details and pay immediately. Take the headache out of payments for you and your customers.

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