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Save time with Fergus, the online job management software built for plumbers and electricians.

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Stay on top of your business with Fergus

Providing you with the tools and systems to bring order to chaos, no matter where you are. In the office, on–site or on the road, Fergus ensures your time is spent where it should be.

Fergus works across your entire team

In the Office

Whether you’re part of a large team that includes office staff, or you run a smaller operation, Fergus takes care of the paperwork so you can easily see what needs your attention.

In the Cloud

Fergus syncs to the cloud automatically, meaning your job data is always up–to–date. Manage your projects in real time — just log in on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

On the Go

Our mobile app gives you all the information you need on the worksite and nothing you don’t. Stay on top of your current job as well as your entire operation, no matter where you are.

Fergus is packed to the brim with features you’ll actually use

Job Management

The Fergus Status Board sorts all your jobs in an easy–to–digest graphic. You’ll know exactly what you need to be doing and when you should be doing it.

Merchant Invoicing

With Fergus, merchant invoices and credits are a breeze. Directly import your merchant documents into Fergus, assign them to a job, and reconcile them with the click of a button.

Time Sheets

The Fergus mobile app tracks time while you’re out on the job. Add charged and uncharged time simply and quickly, and never fill out a timesheet again.

Margin Calculator

Easily adjust your margins on quotes and invoices using the easy Margin Calculator, and instantly see the effect it has on the job’s profitability.


The integrated Fergus calendar means you always know what the schedule looks like. Find a gap, schedule the job and assign it to staff instantly.


Fergus automatically generates extensive reports, so you can quickly see if your business is making money and what needs to be addressed.

Fergus is capable of much more, see the full feature set below
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Built by tradespeople,
for tradespeople

A product of years of experience running a plumbing company, Fergus has been created as the ultimate tradesperson management system — without the late nights.

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Fergus works with the services and suppliers your team already uses

Fergus integrates directly with a wide range of services and suppliers, and we’re always adding more.

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