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Customer Stories
1 min reading time | Athalia Harper

It’s no secret that our mission at Fergus is to save you time and make you money. Pretty much, whenever we talk about a possible new feature those are our first questions. “Will it save our clients time?” and “Will it help them make more money?”


Our new Mico Invoice Integration feature does just that – and is also the beginning of an exciting new partnership between Fergus and Mico.


What does it do?


It’s simple. Mico invoices now load directly into Fergus.


This means you no longer need to download invoices, save them to your desktop and load them back up into Fergus.  They will automatically appear in your Fergus account, and, if you have provided the specific job number when ordering your goods, they will even sync to the correct job.


What does this mean for you?


Less of your time, more money (save time and you save money) and more accurate cost tracking. There will also be less room for human error – less steps mean fewer opportunities for mistakes to creep in.


How does it work?


Just like before, when you make a purchase at Mico, you’ll make a note of your invoice to come in Fergus and give Mico the Fergus job number as a reference. Mico will now send invoices directly into your Fergus account, so there is no need to wait on invoices, download them, or load them back into the system. You just need to review and confirm in Fergus and line the purchases into the right job.


What do you need to do to get cracking?


The integration is ready and waiting to go – you just need to set it up by activating it from your Mico Tradedoor Account.


Check out our app here for instructions on how to do this.


Feel free to get in touch if you need any help. Enjoy!


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Athalia Harper

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